Autumn scents

Helsinki, 13 degrees

Sometimes when you least expect it, you can make great bargains! Some three weeks ago, I was looking through the pieces of clothing available for auction at the Finnish version of Ebay ( and came across a dress I really loved! I made an offer and it turned out I won! Yey!

The dress is from the label Primark's atmosphere and has a beach scene on it. Apparently beach scenes on dresses have been huge now for a while, so I was delighted over finding one this pretty! They haven't yet become that popular in Helsinki so I really feel like I've found a unique dress!

This is how Primark shows off the dress...

Source: Fashionista Barbie
Of course it all started from Prada and you can see in these photos...

Source: Scarlett Golightly
Even if the dress reminds about summer, I think it's perfectly good as autumn wear as well. After all, isn't summer in the back of our minds all the time anyway, even if we enjoy other seasons?

Something maybe more in the mood of autumn that I've purchased is this H&M dress with a snake skin pattern. These are definately right now my two favorites!

It's interesting to notice how one associates scents and perfumes to specific seasons. Like right now, the air is filled of aromas of apples and chestnuts, have you noticed? Starting today, the area around my work place might even smell a little bit of fish, since the traditional Baltic Herring Fair started today. This event is one of the oldest ones in Helsinki: it's a part of the Helsinkian life since 1743. I loved watching at work through the window how the market got filled up by visitors. I like the crowded market atmosphere!

Source: Flickr
Yesterday as well a special event took place in Helsinki. All visitors of Helsinki were in for a special treat - on the most central square of the city a Guinnes record was tried to be made! On the stairs of the White Cathedral the Martha Organization tried to put together the biggest quilt ever! What a unique event on the Senate Square!

Source: Linda's knitting/crochet site
Don't I just live in the best city ever?

What's your opinion?

  1. nice pictures!!
    love the 1º dress!!

  2. wow that dress is beautiful, but the snake skin one from h&m is a must have, havent seen it before, will try to find it!

  3. I like painting dress. Frances

  4. Thank you for all of your comments!
    Nina, I'm sure you'll find the H&M dress in stores, it has been in stores for only a couple of weeks now!