Style hurricane

Helsinki, 8 degrees

As we turn the clocks toward wintertime and notice that the leaves in the park outside our apartment building have all fallen on the ground and now decorate the pavements instead of the trees, it's time to realize that the winter season is approaching and sneeking up on us.


This week has been extra busy, like last week as well. Like most of you probably know, in my work team we're usually six, but right now we're struggling with four employees which means tons of extra work for us four currently working in the team.

This week that meant an evening of presentations again for me, after work of course. A total of nine and a half hours of overtime work in two weeks, and it's starting to show. It's terrible when one starts to notice that one fails to remember everything one should remember. But at the same time, I'm grateful for all the chances I've had to show my true interest and motivation for the tourism field. This week I held a presentation for future guides and students of a 2-year-long tourism study program.

The presentation focused on my working place but also my food brochure project that I have presented in earlier posts and non verbal communication. We use a lot of photos as non verbal tools at the tourist information. I think pictures are the best form to show e.g. typical Finnish food dishes.


Do you like to use menus with pictures when you are abroad to understand what you are ordering?

This week I've been captured by the ear cuffs of Anni Jürgenson. As you know, I like Nomadic fashion trends and in some way, I see a connection between that style and these cuffs.


It seems that the creator Jürgenson has always been fascinated by Native Americans' culture. She tried to imitate the look of the Indian feather headdresses and catch the impression of dream catchers and that’s how the feather ear cuffs were born. You can follow this Estonian fashionista in her blog called Style hurricane.

I remember when I went on my first trip to Spain, Fuengirola to be exact. I was drawn to the dream catchers that were sold all over the city back in those days, in  2004. I kept a dream catcher above my bed for years after having bought one in Spain. Do you like them?

The ear cuffs are being sold in Helsinki at the lifestyle shop Fox&Rabbit for 27€ each. I just might have to visit that shop and fiddle with them.

What's your opinion?

  1. its autumn time!! so beautiful the leaves...i miss those ones in Japan.

    Those india feathers are they earrings? I need to check them out! Thanks for sharing too. :)


  2. No, they are not ear rings, but a way to decorate one's ears :)