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Helsinki, 11 degrees

The American stand up comedian Phil Schwarzmann has written an amusing book about "everything you want to know about Finland but that Finns won't tell you". According to the writer, Finnish women win e.g. over their Swedish rivals since we have a more down to earth approach to life and appreciate more modest things than our neighboring competitors to the west.

"Instead of jewelry, write her a poem. Instead of a fancy expensive dinner, how about a picnic in the park?" he says.

Where Sweeds, according to Schwarzmann, value money, Finns value the thought behind acts of love. Scharzmann also points out that Finnish women usually sort out their own money problems, whereas Swedish girls often turn to their parents for financial help.

Source: The Voice

I think to book sounds like fun reading, but I would brush away the comparison. I don't think women of any country should take competition seriously. We should be proud of who we are despite our home country. Having said that, I must say that I am a very proud Finn, Helsinkian and above all Swedish speaking Finn living in Helsinki. How's that for being complicated?

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