Colorful like an autumn leaf!

Helsinki, 20 degrees

As autumn approaches us and catalogues and magazines are filled with fashion hints and ideas concerning autumn trends, I would like to take this chance to introduce my personal favorites. This autumn, I have chosen two favorite colors: red and mustard yellow. The latter I like to call tiger yellow. I love the fact that this autumn we have lots of colors to work with, so one can truly choose the one that feels right.

I dream about a street view where Helsinkians would look as colorful as the autumn leaves!

Something I have considered a holy book for years already is the season catalogue of H&M. This season one of my favorite colors is already decorating the cover. Yesterday I wore the exact same pants as in the picture for the first time to work and already got some very nice compliments. Yey. I was happy.

I have earlier purchased a pair of red pants from Zara as well so pantwise I'm set for this autumn. I actually bought the red pants from Finland's version of Ebay so they were secondhand pants but still in excellent shape and just in time for the trendiest time! Who ever said that one couldn't find trendy clothing as second hand? THEY WERE WRONG!

Besides the pants, I have also got the same-colored bag, the one in the middle. I like to have a whole ensemble when I go for a specific color. I have a red bag from before, I bought it on Ebay, it's a version of a Hermes Birkin.

Here in Helsinki seeing as we don't care about labels, it doesn't really matter - style means more than labels here.

Everybody that knows me, knows that I love ballerinas. So I had to get them in mustard yellow as well. I already have black, red, violet, marine blue and dark blue ballerinas from before.

Some of you might remember that I dreamt of this cape jacket already in springtime when H&M launched some pre photos of their autumn collection. Now I finally got it! It's superb, and I even got the hat! Can't wait for windy weather. In the whole H&M catalogue it was evident that hats are in even this autumn, so finally it's not just something for summertime.

Nice enough I got some trend magazines on the same day as I received my H&M package by mail. Going through these magazines, I found some signs of a pattern. The same items I had reacted to in the H&M catalogue, could also be found in the magazines. They come straight from the catwalk to chain shops which makes it possible for everyone to follow trends.

Source: Elle Finland

In Elle (the Finnish version) one could see that strong bold colors are this autumn's "it-factor". Even though I love ultramarine, I feel this season I want to try red and yellow since I've never dared to use them this boldly before.

 Source: Elle Finland
Source: Trendi

Bagwise this season, it's all briefcases and portfolios. I recently bought a black one as well from H&M so now I have the yellow and black portfolio bags and then I think the Birkin fits in quite nice as well, don't you think?

Source: Olivia

In Olivia magazine I even found my new cape jacket. As the text says on the magazine page:
"Ready to fly! A cape needs long gloves and fits best together with pants."

All in all: my autumn wardrobe is now complete. Let's hit the Helsinkian streets and brighten up autumn with some color!

What's your opinion?