Scissors snobs!

Helsinki, 18 degrees

Let's catch up some on my last week. I spent last Monday getting to know the Fiskars Village, located one hour from Helsinki towards west. The idea about going to this former ironworks was initially of two of my colleagues and seeing as I have such a great working place, it turned out that five of us spent a working Monday on a roadtrip to Fiskars and we had a blast!

Fiskars is such an idyllic place, close to Helsinki, but still in the middle of the green nature and very tranquil.

There is a great panorama engine on the Fiskars website where you can have a virtual tour of the place. I highly recommend it if you can't make it to this cute city!

Even though the area is known for being the former ironworks who created the famous orange handle Finnish scissors, nowadays it works as a center for Finnish art and design seeing as more than a hundred creative professionals live in this area. The original Fiskars Ironworks have an interesting history though seeing as it was founded in 1649 by Peter Thorwöste, when Queen Christina of Sweden granted the Dutch businessman a privilege to manufacture cast iron and forged products.
Some even call us Finns scissors snobs because we tend to think that the only scissors in the world are made by Fiskars.
Do you know the scissors?

Today, Fiskars Corporation is an international company whose operations are consumer-centered and grow through strong specialist brands. Fiskars' consumer products for the home, garden, and outdoors are renowned for their functionality and cutting-edge design. The Group's core brands are Fiskars, Iittala, Gerber, Silva, and Buster. The associated company Wärtsilä Corporation is also an important part of the Corporation.

We spent the day getting to know the conference facilities on the premises, the exhibitions halls, handcraft shops and of course the restaurants and cafés in Fiskars. I especially liked the local chocolate shop called Petris Chocolate Room. I had to bring something home since they had even heart shaped boxes with delicious chili, raspberry and cognac chocolate pralines.

Could you deny these?

How can a work day get better than this?

What's your opinion?