Sitting on a branch of the Tree of Life

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On Sunday I saw a movie I've been waiting for to see for at least half a year! I think it comes as no surprise to you that the reason for my interest in this movie is yes, you guessed it, no other than the amazing Brad Pitt. For a long time now, as far as I can remember, he's been my all time favorite actor number one. And maybe this time he has really done it! I expect him to receive at least an Oscar nomination for this movie, even though I wish this time that he would go home with an Oscar in his hand. He definately deserves it!

This movie has some incredible music in it! I think one of the best ways to relive the emotions a movie has given you, is to listen to the soundtrack of a movie. Thank you Alexandre Desplat for this ferris wheel of emotions.

To get you in the mood, here's the trailer of the movie:

Brad Pitt's newest movie is called "the Tree of Life" and it has been up for debate ever since it came out. And I must say that it's not like all the other movies. It is a movie that stands out and stikes you. You'll definately remember it thanks to its unusual form.

The movie itself is divided in three parts;
1) one follows the life of a Texas family with three sons in the 50's;
2) one of the oldest son in adult age;
3) and then the movie has a reflecting artistic abstract part as well.

I think everybody would agree with me when I say that the part telling about the family is the leading story in the movie. A family of five persons where all of the family members have a significant role.

Source: IMDB

A mother raised in convent. Housewife. So innocent and kind. Lovely red hair. Freckles. Beautiful dresses (I of course loved the dresses). Loving and devoted to her children. Laughing. Smiling. Believes children are raised with grace. Inable to get truly angry.

Source: IMDB

A father working in a factory. An inventer. A man who works hard for his family and wants to succeed. Somebody who wants to become "a big man", somebody of importance. Strict but also loving. Vunerable. Strong facial features. Demands respect. Traveller. Loves his children. Creates fear in his sons.

Source: IMDB

The sons each have role as well. I'm not going to spoil it for you by telling the plot of the movie but I'm just going to say that the eldest son has the strongest role of the three sons. He is the rebel who wants to fight against his parents and though he wouldn't want to, he sees similarities in himself with his father.

The son in middle plays a significant role as well in the movie, but I'm not going to tell you how.

The youngest son in the movie is the least described, but maybe that in a sense tells something about how it feels to be the youngest in a family. Maybe there's always the chance that the youngest out of three get the least attention.

Source: IMDB

The part of the movie where we follow one of the sons, the oldest one, as an adult is strongly connected to the one potraying the family life. He struggles with his past in a modern world where he is placed in a urban surrounding, a beautiful contrast to the countryside life he has lived in as a child. The urban surrounding is in the movie showed as a hectic reality where people live and work everyday without anybody noticing what is really on their mind. Even though I thought this part of the movie wasn't as good as the one telling about the family, I liked it nevertheless. Having a big star like Sean Penn playing it, it made a stronger impact on me. When a man of that calibre is truly lost and seeks himself, it forced you to think about your own life.

Source: IMDB

Besides Sean Pean, the movie has an incredible cast! All the actors were well picked!

The movie has many themes; being misunderstood is one, jealousy another one. Loss is a big one. Love is the biggest one in my opinion.

I think the movie tells a different story to everyone. Since there is a quite long reflecting part in the movie where we watch natural phenomenons like space, vulcano eruptions, dinosaurs and nature in general, everyone reflects upon it in a different way I think. In that sense the movie relies on its audience. I noticed that depending on one's personal life, one understands the characters in different ways as well as the movie doesn't give you answers, but arouses questions.

I've heard that some have thought that the abstract part is too long and that some even have left the cinema due to it. I found it very theatrical and portentous. At some points it might have felt too long, but then again, I cannot imagine it to have been shorter. Since the movie discusses loss, I think it is only natural that the movie takes you back to the beginning of time and shows you some natural wonders. After all, after we lose somebody, don't we all wonder what is the meaning of life? Where do we come from and so on?

I recommend the movie since it potrays a realistic view on family life where nobody is perfect but all the family members bring something to the table. A family is showed in this movie as a unit, where all members are needed to make it complete.

Source: OnlineMovieShut

The movie also had a lot of symbols in it, the most evident of course being the Tree of Life. I like the idea of a many-branched tree that illustrats the idea that all life on earth is related.

I definately need to buy this movie and watch it many times. I left the movie theater with memories of children laughing, such a nice feeling.

My favorite quote in the movie is one of the leading thoughts of the whole movie: "Unless you love, your life will flash by."

What's your opinion?