Rain Boots

Helsinki, 15 degrees


As the days in Helsinki get rainy, I like to think like one of my friends said the other day; underneath a colorful umbrella life seems sunnier even when it rains. What visitors often don't understand is that Helsinki is beautiful even in the autumn, and rain is actually, if you ask me, enjoyable. I love to jump around in puddles.

When autumn comes with its sometimes rainy weather, there are many things to think about.

1) what kind of umbrella to get
2) what kind of rain boots / wellies to get

I'm going to focus on boots this time.

I think it's only logical that in a country like Finland where we have a company specialized on rubber, that we tend to favor Nokia boots.

Nobody can be spared of these colorful Nokia HAI boots in Helsinki. I always find myself smiling on the tram stop when I combine the color of the boots with the person who wears them. I always want to think that the color tells something about the person wearing them.


The KONTIO boots are equally popular in Finland, especially the white one this season.

Concerning children's boots, I think the Moomin ones are some of the most adoring ones I've seen in my life!


What do you think? Isn't Little My just adorable? Why don't they ever make something this nice for adults?

Maybe I should just face the little girl still living in me. But mark my words; if I ever find these rain boots for adults, I will buy them for whatever price!

As we come from the Nordic countries, of course, boots of the label Viking are also popular.


I've also noticed that rain boots / wellies with a heel have become trendy. How about these?


How do your favorite rain boots look like?

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