Barefoot running shoes - the next big thing?

Helsinki, 17 degrees

Am I the only one who has noticed that barefoot running shoes have appeared on the street scene of Helsinki? I have now spotted these shoes twice on the tram, and they really catch your eye since they're so particular and differ very much from ordinary shoes as you can see on the picture.

 Source: EveryJoe

It seems that proponents of the barefoot movement argue that barefoot running is healthier for feet and reduces risk of chronic injuries, e.g. notably repetitive stress injuries. This due to the impact of heel striking in padded running shoes.

As many Finns, I have spent my childhood summers in the countryside and got used to walking around barefoot. I actually belong to the people who hate socks and tend to lose them all the time. I think I would love these shoes even though right now I still haven't got passed their appearence. But maybe it's like with Crocs shoes, once you get used to how they look, they don't look as strange anymore. What do you think?

Are you familiar with this kind of running? Share your thoughts!

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