A comeback

Helsinki, 20 degrees

While taking a break from the blog, distant noices kept on calling me back again. So here I am, ready for writing again. This summer, as many of you surely know, has been rough on me. The loss of a close person made it necessary for me to take some time for myself. Things like that make you think about what's the meaning of it this all. Life. My conclusion is that even though we might not know exactly one hundred percent why we are set on this earth, we should definately make the most of it. Love gets us through it even during the most difficult of times.

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This summer has been one of the warmest: July was said to be one of the hottest in 50 years. I of course have spent this summer like so many others - at work. My work is what I love though, so it works out quite perfectly, doesn't it?

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I had the opportunity this summer to try new things like meeting journalists coming to Helsinki for making newspaper stories. I found that fun, since the result of one's job was so evident later in the articles in the papers. It's been interesting to see how the process goes; from giving an interview to reading it in the papers.

My passion has for a long time, ever since I was a young girl of age 19, been Italy so when I got the chance to meet up with some Italian journalists, I was more than exited. The experience turned out to be though not really what I had in mind. I learned that journalists are here for a reason, they are very result driven and have a clear goal in mind. They are therefore not here to chit-chat, but to make a story. One should think long before saying something in the name of one's workplace, since it might end up the next day in the paper.

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But it had been fun to see the final result of the stories and interviews I've given to the media this summer. I think I will start to collect the stories and make them into a scrapbook for my future children.

I've also had the possibility to get to know Helsinki's new tourism products for this year. Since we got elected the design capital of the world next year, it has been noticable how many new design related products we have had this year. It's been nice to explore these new design related tours and go to new design areas in Helsinki like the Design District Helsinki itself but also Vallila and Arabia.

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One fun design piece of news in Helsinki has been the Marikahvila, a newcomer on the café scene in Helsinki, born through the co-operation between coffee house Strindberg and interior world and fashion house Marimekko. I went to this café with a good friend and I was delighted about the beautiful setting. More of this!

Even though this summer has been wonderful with hot days and long days (we have sunlight now until 10pm), I look forward to this autumn as well! Autumn always means in a sense more serious work and new experiences. I have been thinking about a new haircut, new clothes, maybe moving with my loved one, new challenges at work...exciting! What are your autumn planes?

What's your opinion?

  1. I'm still waiting for the summer to come... :)

  2. yes... there have been two or three warm and sunny days in the meantime, but that's all. and there's not that much time left. :-)

  3. Keep the spirit up, it will come!