The green heart of the city

Helsinki, 17 degrees

On a rainy day like this one, it's good to remember the beautiful summer we've had here in Helsinki this year!

Here is one of my favorite places in Helsinki; the Töölönlahti Bay just five minutes from our apartment building!

Recently I've added this area to my description of Helsinki as one of Helsinki's must sees. In the area there is, besides one of our most beautiful modern buildings, the Finlandia Hall with Italian marble, even the Opera house. Since last summer there is even a small café kiosk next to the Bay, and this year it's going to have campfire evenings with folk music and sausage grilling just next to the Bay. It takes about 30 minutes to walk around the Bay and that is what we (me and my better half) do quite often. Opposite the Opera house, up on a hill, there are some stunning pastel colored buildings made out of tree. These are rare in Helsinki, and one of them functions as a summer café.

Soon next to the Finlandia Hall there will be a new café coming up as well, which makes them three! Yey! And that one will be not merely open during summertime, but throughout the year!

The Bay is also such an active place; during summertime, people hang out in the parks around it and play games like petanque or enlarged chess. There is even some free Thai Chi and Yoga in the Bay park areas. What's better than that? What is your favorite part of your city?

What's your opinion?