She who fails to plan, plans to fail

Helsinki, 7 degrees

Yesterday I finally visited the venue where we are planning our junior high school reunion in mid November. How exciting! We are going to have our reunion in the two conference rooms of Hotel Haven, one of the most beautiful hotels in Helsinki! Basically we are going to put together two rooms, so that we are going to have a room fitting 40 people with a buffet. We, the planning team, also wanted a projector and wide screen in the room so that we can show off pictures of our glorious junior high school days. We will even be able to stay on the cosy inneryard of Hotel Haven, which I think is a nice touch.

Don't mind the table order right now, it's going to look totally different when we have our event there. The wall in the last picture is going to be taken away and in that way we'll have a larger area at our disposal. This is definately going to one of the main events this fall!

How about you, have you had a class reunion already? Any ideas?

What's your opinion?