The collage of life

Helsinki, 10 degrees

Wow, what a hectic week! I haven't touched my computer in two days! Thursday, even though it was my day off from work, was filled with happenings!

I started off visiting my junior high school since I'm in a group planning a junior high school reunion. I'll tell you more about that in another post. After visiting my former school, I took a 15-minute-long bus ride to our neighboring city Espoo and visited its exhibition center called Weegee.

I had wanted to visit this center for such a long time, since it hosts a cornucopia of museums, exhibitions and events, includes five museums, a modern art gallery, a media-art centre, a café, a museum shop and an art school. Unfortunately not even this time I had enough time to explore the whole center, so I focused mainly on the modern art museum Emma and the city museum of Espoo. 

The autumn 2011 exhibition at Emma, Anitra Lucander - Poet of Color, forms part of EMMA’s classic series  presenting foremost representatives of Finnish Modernism. Anitra Lucander (1918-2000) became known as one of the post-war reformers of Finnish art and a pioneer of abstract art.  During the 1950s, through Cubism and collage technique, she developed lyrical abstract expressionism based on individual and rich shades of colour. As a woman artist Anitra Lucander was an exception in the then highly masculine Finnish art world. Yey for Finnish women!

I especially liked her pieces that she had made during her travelling in foreign countries. She had made a lot of paintings of mosques and temples abroad.

I was fascinated with her collages and thought to myself: "Isn't life always a kind of collage?" How would my life's collage look like...what an interesting thought!

I also found the Saastamoinen Foundation's art collection that is inside Emma and found it extremely appealing. The collection has grown to its current 1900 works from a few artworks originally acquired for the home collection of a family of Kuopio industrialists. The visitors could now see approximately 500 works at the exhibition.

I really liked the piece where there was a lot of pieces of a puzzle..that was definately a piece of art that made me reflect, how about you?

Some of my favorites were also these boots of onion and this skirt of lichen, amazing don't you think?

Natural fashion art? Now that is taking inspirations directly from the nature!

There were also displayed two pairs of shoes; one pair for the summer and another for the fall. How cute is that? Can you guess which pair is for which season?

Once again I had to be grateful for the line of work I have, that allowed me to visit this museum. What a fruity day!

What's your opinion?

  1. amazing!!
    love your pants!!
    kisses and have a nice day=)

  2. Thank you "La petite blonde"! How has your weekend been?