Stress remedy

Helsinki, 9 degrees

Since last week was so busy with work, this weekend me and my boyfriend decided to spend a relaxing Saturday at Flamingo Spa & Wellness Center in the neighboring city Vantaa. We spent three hours enjoying two pools with water of 32 and 37 degrees, three saunas (a traditional Finnish sauna, a softwood sauna and steam sauna) and bubble baths! How relaxing, and romantic, just what I needed!


Sunday on the other hand was spent at Finland's second biggest fair, the annual Book Fair "Kirja-Boken" at the Helsinki Convention Center. Every year about 80 000 people go through piles of books represented by the different publishers. I wanted to find books mainly about tourism and social marketing, but found it a little bit tricky to find them since the books were like I mentioned sorted by publisher houses and not subjects.

Nevertheless, I did manage to find one book that caught my interest concerning tourism. I think the name "Inspiring tourism" tells it all!

I also wanted to find a fiction book which has lately been on everybody's lips in Helsinki. The Swedish speaking Finn Kjell Westö is known as one of our most famous writers and for a reason! Now his book from 2006 has been made into a movie, and therefore I wanted to read the book upon which the movie is based. The book is called in Swedish "Där vi en gång gått", where we once walked in English.

Now I have a new companion for the stormy winter days...

I was also excited about the fact that the fair included a food & wine section. We ended up buying some bread, English fudge and Italian salami!

Doesn't it look like heaven?

What's your opinion?

  1. yes,is true!this is heaven haha..
    kisses pretty=)

  2. Flamingo spa is amazing!

  3. nice shots... love the last one most!

    thanks for your comment.

  4. Stella, ci sei stata a Flamingo?
    Shannon&wardrobeexperience, thank you!


  5. Cool pics :)

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    and on-line store !! :)