Fisherman sweaters, midi skirts & Paola Suhonen by Seppälä

Helsinki, 10 degrees

A pigeon wing under my armpit.

Yesterday I started to go through my montly women magazines and I thought that I would continue to review today. My long time favorite magazine Trendi had a page about Aran/ fisherman sweaters. I have to have me one of those! That is my Novemberly task!

I especially like the combination of an Aran knit with a midi skirt. How about you? What's the right way to wear one of these sweaters?

Trendi was also the first of these magazines to tell me about the upcoming co-operation between Finnish brand Seppälä and designer Paola Suhonen, known for her lovely IvanaHelsinki brand. The affordable brand Seppälä will launch this collection the 1st of November, so add that date to your calendars.

Source: Seppälä

I at least have got to get my hands on this tunic! It's stunning, don't you think? What an exciting November we have ahead of us!

Olivia magazine introduces small black purses that fascinate me. They call the clutches pigeon wings, how cute.

Source: Irene Mikaela

My favorite "pigeon wing" is the clutch by Irene Mikaela, made out of reindeer leather and juniper tree. That's Finnish design for you!

Irene Mikaela Häggkvist is a 26-year-old Finnish fashion designer who has lived and studied during recent years in Milan, Italy. She grew up in northern Finland where she started her fashion design studies in the University of Lapland and then transferred to the Istituto Marangoni Milano.            

She graduated from the Istituto Marangoni as the Master of fashion design in 2009. In 2009, she also won the first price in the Swarovski Crystallized contest in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni and the outfits were presented in fashion shows of the Istituto Marangoni in London, Paris and Milan.

Her works have been in Italian and Finnish  Elle, Haute Couture Collezione and Wallpaper, where she was on the Wallpaper Graduates Directory 2010. She has furthermore designed a jewelry collection for a Finnish company Kultakeskus, using black wood, silver, and crystals.

Source: Irene Mikaela

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  2. Lovely pictures! I really love the combination of jumpers and skirts - I'm trying to recreate that look myself!


  3. Thank you Sarah, glad you share my thoughts! :)