Poola Kataryna

Helsinki, 8 degrees

When my personal life feels like a blur, maybe it's better add some pictures to the blog and let them talk for themselves. When I was looking through one of my favorite inspirational websites Hel Looks, I stumpled upon the designer behind the Finnish fashion & design brand Poola Kataryna. Have you heard about it?

Source: Hel Looks

I like the dress that the designer Paula is wearing in this picture. It looks somelike like a dot test but once you really start to look at it, you can't take your eyes of it. It's fascinating! She is also wearing her own earrings.

Looking through her jewelry, I found some own favorites..

From her jewelry, these two caught my eye. The flying bird necklace is stunning! I even liked the unusal photo settings Paula has on her website, they really give the jewelry their well deserved attention.

Last but definitely not least, now when the days have become shorter (the sun sets right now about 6pm in Helsinki), we all need reflectors to help cars see us better in the dark when we are crossing streets. I think this one formed as a bird is just super cute!

And after all, don't we all need a personal device that causes reflection, a protector in a sense? Even such a small item has made this girl philosophise. How deep for a Sunday evening, hehe.

What's your opinion?

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  2. Wow I love the sweater and the jewelry <3