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Helsinki, 9 degrees

In the end of May I introduced the items that I liked from the H&M autumn collection. Today, while struggling to get home due to the heavy wind tonight, I noticed that I maybe haven't even mentioned which items I eventually decided to get for this autumn. For this autumn, I decided to get the lovely beige cape and combine it with some cognac colored items; a tube scarf and some leather gloves. So if you catch somebody with this outfit hurrying over the Helsinkian streets, it will probably be me! This far, I haven't seen this cape on anybody here, can you believe it?

Source: H&M

Sometimes good service is all about taking people into consideration. Of course, seeing as I work in customer service, I try to do my best, but I must say that once I got an email today from Asos concerning my last purchase at their web shop, it put a smile upon my face. A small effort to send an email like this, but such a nice gesture.

Yesterday I had the chance to get a grand tour of the Finlandia Hall, one of the main sights here in Helsinki. It was designed by probably the most well known Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in the 70's. Recently the building has been on everybody's lips since the music concerts of the building have moved to one of the newest buildings in Helsinki, the Music Center, and the Finlandia Hall has concentrated on being a conference venue.

Source: Yle
Source: VisitHelsinki

At the same time as this change in the Finlandia Hall's field of expertise has been made, it has also been enlarged so that it now hosts a very nice café called Café Veranda. I had an espresso there today and I must say that I can recommend it! The glass wall makes it possible to see the season's changing right outside the window, how cosy!

At this café you can get the famous Finlandia cake, in this picture taken at the well known Ekberg café, the oldest café in Helsinki, on a stunning Finnish Arabia dish.

Source: Flickr

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  1. Hi, your blog is inspiring! Yoy are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

  2. love that cape!!
    kisses and have a nice day=)

  3. Ooh, rakastan tuota H&M takkia, niin ihana!
    Ja Finlandiatalo kans ja tietty Ekberg! Itse en ole tuota kakkupalaa koskaan maistanut.. hmm.

  4. Thank you Nik for your comment, and welcome! :)