A snake slithering on the Helsinkian streets

Helsinki, 11 degrees

The content of your wardrobe might be quite dangerous this fall since many wild animals dominate this autumn's and winter's clothing patterns. Animal patterns with leopard, tiger and snake skin are the most overbearing.

Lately I've made some great finds on the Finnish version of Ebay called Huuto. I've finally found some snake skin pattern leggings! I love them!

Source: Huuto

I also found a nice top with strass and a tweed jacket to complete my autumnal look! What do you think?

Today I was happy to notice that despite the foggy rain this morning which made Helsinki look a little bit dreary, we had almost 500 customers today. Yesterday seemed to be record autumnal day with over 600 customers. That's nothing compared to the summer's 2 500 customer a day, but it's huge during the fall. I think autumn in Helsinki is filled with surprises: the weather conditions change rapidly. Like today, I came to work with an umbrella but felt that when I went home, my cape jacket was too thick so I actually walked home without even a jacket! What a difference!

This week has been crazy at work. Mostly because I have a hard time saying no to things. I've been to a restaurant's food blog night, to a guide schooling night, but that not all; I've also reviewed a restaurant and club. All of this outside work hours. Yesterday I got a wakeup call though. When one notices at work that one forgets to meet somebody one has an appointment with, it's time to slow down. That's why I intend to plan my weeks better from now on. How to learn what to say no to? And how to learn to recognize your own limitations?

What's your opinion?

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