Finland on a plate - my vision

Helsinki, 12 degrees

Today I had a really positive and motivating day at work - lovely clients, new possibilities and great support! Like I mentioned earlier, now during fall time, I have more time to focuse on each customer and that means that I can really have a discussion with almost all of them, and as you know I love to talk so this is the best time of the year!

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Today I also noticed that the new brochure that I have developed, that I like to call "Finland on a plate", has received a lot of attention. I noticed during last fall/winter that customers were asking a lot about typical Finnish dishes that we serve here in the Helsinkian restaurants but there was no pictures of these dishes in a list form, only lists of restaurants but that's boring I thought. The food is the focal point.

So I took the model of other countries and created a list, that some might find humorous, but I don't mind since it answers a clear demand that we had of pictures of Finnish dishes. In other countries it's common to see pictures of dishes in restaurants, but here in Finland we tend to think that is primitive so we tend to have only the names of the dishes on menus. Nevertheless, customers ask us what the words on the menus stand for. After all, if we serve animals not encountered in other parts of the world, are we not responsible to tell our customers what we are serving?

Do you have any ideas how we could develope this list/menu?

Recently I have started to use a different strategy concerning my working place blog. I've contacted some restaurants and asked them to let me visit some of them, so that I can write about them in the blog. This strategy seems to be working because I have received some invites so I can finally start to write the blog on a more serious basis, at least now during the low season of tourism in Helsinki. Lets see, maybe this time next year, I'll be a restaurant, café and nightlife expert of Helsinki. I wish!

What's your opinion?