Some Australian eco-friendliness in Helsinki

Helsinki, 12 degrees

For some time now I've been thinking about buying a coffee cup that would be eco-friendly since I tend to drink coffee every day. I hate the feeling of throwing away the disposable paper cups on a daily basis. It feels so unnecessary and as such a waste. So yesterday as I went to one of my favorite coffee shops in Helsinki called Kaffecentralen, perfectly located on my way to the city center, I finally bought myself a KeepCup.

Source: Enough on your Plates

The KeepCup is made of food safe polypropylene, is BPA free, non toxic, recyclable, reusable and recyclable. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, stackable, lightweight and splash-proof.

KeepCup seems to be an Australian invention, so we have to thank the people from "down under" for this handy beauty!

According to the inventors Abigail Forsyth & Jamie Forsyth: "The KeepCup has been a labour of love so we are just thrilled that people have adopted and used the KeepCup and spread the word right around the world. Well done everyone!"

One of the best characteristic features of the KeepCup is that you can put together your own from four different parts and make it personal in that sense. This is how my KeepCup looks like. I paid 12€ for my KeepCup. How would yours look like?

Today at work I tried out my KeepCup for the first time, and I got some very good response from the personnel working at the Aschan Café Jugend, just next to my work place.

My colleague pointed out though that there has been some discussion about people getting sick from not washing their KeepCups well enough. In these cases the cafés have got the blame for not having a good enough standard of hygiene. I must say though that I think that it is everyone's own responsibility, to keep the cup clean enough so that there won't be any coffee left in the cup to go bad. I would never blame the café for something like that. What do you think?

What's your opinion?

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