Bubbling of energy

Helsinki, 13 degrees

Last weekend the Metro newspaper of the Mälaren Valley in our neighboring country Sweden published an article about Helsinki. The free newspaper Metro is read merely in Finland already by a stunning 300 000 readers per week, and over an incredible amount of 17 million on a daily basis around the world!

In Finland Thursdays are the days when the newspaper has tourism related issues but I guess in Sweden it's Saturday since this article was published then.

On the front page of the newspaper the headline read: "6 tips in wonderful Helsinki - welcome to the world's creative center"! I think that is quite generous so obviously I was happy about it.

According to the article Helsinki is right now bubbling of energy! The six hints to the city according to the article are the following:

1) Hotel Fabian: a trendy boutique hotel in the center of Helsinki

2) Café Mattolaituri: a modern cafe located next to the biggest park in the downtown area of Helsinki, also next to the sea and the old rug washing piers (hence the name=rug pier in Finnish)

3) North-Asian restaurant Gaijin: the second restaurant of Tomi Björck & Matti Wikberg, known for the concept of social eating (sharing meals)

4) Globe Hope: an innovative Finnish design company that makes ecological design out of recycled materials.

5) A21: an elegant cocktail lounge

6) the Arabia center: the home of the famous Arabia factory for ceramics and the outlet for glass giant Iittala

Are you familiar with all of these already? Do you agree that these are Helsinki's pearls?

What's your opinion?

  1. Grazie mille per il tuo commento!!
    se vuoi possiamo seguirci a vicenda!!
    felice venerdì


  2. Si, mi farebbe piacere :) Sei troppo fortunata, Firenze è la mia città preferita in Italia!

  3. I've never been to Helsinki but love to visit someday.. Looks beautiful and thank you for sharing :) -akiko


  4. Akiko, you definately should! Helsinki is a city of the future, it just keeps on getting better all the time!