Above the roofs of Helsinki

Helsinki, 15 degrees

Yesterday I had the chance to start the day in a particular way: eating hotel breakfast in Helsinki that is! Next hotels' Rivoli Jardin offered my workplace a chance to get to know their cozy 55-room-big hotel in the center of Helsinki. The hotel chain called Next hotels was familiar to me only from my school days when we once visited a hotel in the one-hour-away city Riihimäki belonging to the same chain. Now, they've sold that hotel and changed their business approach a little bit. Now Next hotels has mainly mansion hotels and then this family owned hotel in the heart of Helsinki.

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The Rivoli Jardin hotel is delightfully located on a courtyard. Immediately once you get into the courtyard, the noise of the street disappears. I liked the idea of walking through a passway to get to the hotel.

Once we were inside, we were welcomed by the staff of the hotel and invited to have breakfast among the hotel guests. The hotel was fully booked so it was a crowded breakfast. It was fun to feel as a part of the hotel guests visiting Helsinki!

After the inclusive breakfast, we were taken around the hotel to see the hotel rooms.

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These are all pictures of the superior rooms, which were my favorites. I was delighted over the different wallpapers in each room, how lovely! In fact the staff told us that usually visitors tend to have their favorite room, which they always book when they come to town. I completely understand them!

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The main owner of the hotel is still a family, owning 60% of it. Therefore it's possible to give the hotel this personal touch. The hotel also has furnished apartments which it rents out on a weekly basis. Those were also located on a peaceful courtyard so in a very tranquil surrounding even though in the very center of Helsinki.

Source: Rivoli Jardin

Even though the suite was not of my taste since I didn't like the decor there, I loved the balcony it had and the view over the Helsinkian roofs! Helsinki is truly enchanting from above! Here is a picture I found on the web to give you an idea! I'm in love again - with my city!

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