Overcoming life's challenges

Helsinki, 15 degrees

To continue the recap of my last week, I have to tell you about when I went to see some Stand Up comedy in Swedish at Apollo Live Club last Wednesday. The evening was a part of the annual Helsinki Comedy Festival. Have you ever been to see some Stand Up?

I have a friend who loves it, and therefore I've gone about once or twice a year to see some Stand Up. This time I went with my boyfriend. It's fun on a regular day as relief. I belong to the people who think laughing is good for you. Everybody needs to laugh to things not related to them sometimes, don't you think?

Source: Helsinki Comedy Festival

While watching Stand Up in Swedish, there's always a sense of togetherness that wouldn't be there if it would be in Finnish. The Stand Up comedians always use the language factor, which means that many jokes tell about the language. You might say it's a "safe card", but I like it. Even we Swedish speaking Finns need to laugh to ourselves sometimes, and I think this is one of the best arenas for that.

We have one comedian especially good. He has even been acting in Sweden, e.g. in the TV show Solsidan which is great! You should definately have a look at it if you speak or understand some Swedish!

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Anyway, back to the famous comedian..his name is André Wickström. Have you heard about him? I've seen him now a couple of times live and he is really a funny guy. Last week he told us that he has just become a father, congrats for that!

Source: Påstan

Another thing I must mention about the Stand Up night in Swedish is that there were two Finnish speaking Finns telling jokes in Swedish- that was bold! And I must say it really worked in their advantage! More of this!

My boyfriend comes from Sipoo, one of Helsinki’s neighboring cities to the east. Thanks to him, I’ve learned a lot of things about east-Uusimaa, the east part of the region Helsinki is a part of. One of the most well-known persons in Finland comes from the same city as him. 

Source: Iltalehti

Hjallis Harkimo is known as a business man, Finland's host for the TV show "The apprentice", but not many in my age knows that he used to compete as a sailor and participated in the round-the-world single-handed yacht race in 1986-1987. 

Around one week ago I read through the press releases we get on a daily basis to my work place and noticed that Harkimo was going to have a speech about his experiences in this race. I immediately knew that I would make somebody happy at home if we would go.

Last Thursday we went to one of the city museums called Hakasalmen huvila, where the one-hour-long speech was held. It was interesting to listen to Harkimo’s motives behind joining this race and his determination to not give up and interrupt his race. The race itself was a struggle, Harkimo endured loneliness and dangerous situations like storms, watching out for icebergs and falling over with his sailing boat. Nevertheless, Harkimo fell in love with the sea and has strived to live next to it ever since he participated in the race.

It had been 10 years since he had spoke about it the last time in public, so I was really happy that we went to see him.  A story like this is quite unique in Finland.

Source: SteadyBurn

While listening to Harkimo, I thought to myself that most of us, if not everybody, need to try something alone once. It's the ultimate chance to get to know ourselves better. When I think back on my own experiences, I am amazed about the fact that I went to Italy for the first time at the age 19 without speaking the language. That was my personal challenge. I recognized myself in many things that Harkimo talked about and agree that one can not truly grow without challenging oneself. 

"All of us face both minor and major challenges in our lives. How we deal with those life challenges determines how we experience life – as a struggle to survive or as an ongoing adventure in growth and fulfillment."

I'm not sure if I could go through the same things that he has been through, even though as a man he wasn't that much taller or bigger than me. He actually even said that sailing is not about being strong but about knowing what you're doing. Tactics. 

I was astonished about the fact that the didn't write a journal during the time he was on the sea, but I guess not everybody has the same need to put things in writing as I have. I couldn't imagine a life without writing.

If last week was eventful, this week is everything but that. I've had to stay home three days from work because of one of my teeth. It seems a patching made in elementary school had come off with time and even though the dentists tried to fix it already last spring and summer by just re-patching it, it wasn't enough so now I've had to start root canal. And that's hurtful I can tell you! But since my work is very social and I need to use my mouth a lot, it's better to take care of it well once and then hopefully, with my fingers crossed, I won't have to deal with anymore. Teeth are the silliest of things. Small things, but when there is something wrong with them, they can affect your whole head!

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