The chestnut season

Helsinki, 11 degrees

The autumn season has truly arrived to Helsinki - the trees are colorful and the park outisde our apartment building is filled with chestnuts on the ground that keep on falling from the marron trees. We have a word in Finnish for the colorful leaves in the trees, "ruska". This word has its origins in the saame language which is spoken in the true North. Have you heard about it?

My mom belongs to the people who love to see ruska in Lapland, but I love autumn in Helsinki; the crispy air in the morning, trench coats, boots and scarfs..

Source: Flickr

At work autumn means a more quiet time; from the busy summery days with many thousand customers we now encounter days with about 400 customers per day. This means we have more time to spend with each customer which is nice. It also means that I get to focuse on other work tasks than summertime.

Today I spent some time going through restaurant, café and nightlife news concerning Helsinki. It's interesting to see how the city keeps on changing all the time. I hope to have some spare time during the next weeks to get to go to some of the new places that have come up in Helsinki.

On Monday I had a presentation for some 20 Italians concerning Helsinki and its sights. These Italians were guests of Helsinki's personnel center and they were here to make acquaintance to our maternity system. I was a little bit nervous before the presentation because it was the first time I've had a presentation like this for a group of this size in Italian. I like to believe that I'm fluent in the language but it's a completely different matter to have a presentation in it than talking it at the office to my colleagues or customers. They were super nice people though and the presentation went really well, so I was extremely happy.

On Saturday I'll finally have my appointment with the hairdresser, so I still desperately need your help and opinions concerning what hair style I should go with...have a look at the blog post that presented some ideas I had about what to do with my hair.  Until now I've heard that I should try gradient coloring, what do you think about that?  Share your thoughts - all comments are welcome!

What's your opinion?

  1. nice pictures!!

  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Those pictures are gorgeous! It definitely doesn't look like that where I live!

  3. Beautiful photos! Love it -akiko

  4. Thank you all for your comments! Shannon, how does it look where you live?