Hair help/hints/ideas needed - again!

Helsinki, 15 degrees

Some days ago a girl's worst scenario happened to me - I lost my hairdresser! I mean it, she had disappeared from the face of the earth!

As many of you know, I used to have for some 4-5 years dark, almost black, hair.

In spring 2011 I decided to change that. I guess I was tired of the fact that I had to color it so often, and I didn't want to think that one haircolor defined me. Of course changing one's haircolor in such an essential way as I did, did cause a mild identity crisis for myself. The biggest one happened the first time one of our clients called me a blond. I honestly didn't think that person was even talking about me until I got eventually it. Hehe, I guess that shows that the person was right. Kind of proves his point.

Anyway, changing one's haircolor from dark to light is far from easy and I was delighted when I found a hairdresser that truly understood what I wanted and was able to realize it in the best way. We started a project together called "my hair" and even decided together how many times we would work on this project together. Now, when I was about to book my appointment for the next part of our project, I couldn't find my hairdresser's name among the hairdressers at the hair saloon I go to.

I ended up calling the saloon and I found out that my hairdresser, the one I loved, had started her own freelancing company (fixing hair especially for photo shoots) and the saloon didn't have her contact information. I was devastated! But I decided to give another hairdresser at the same saloon a chance, I hope I won't regret it afterwards!

So this is where we are at right now: I have quite long, quite light colored hair. Usually I have a middle parting.

Now I have two weeks to come up with the next step, on my own I can add, concerning my hair. I've been looking through hair trends and trendy haircuts this fall, and it seems I shouldn't cut it short since long hair is still trendy. Maybe color it? Ideas?

Here are some of my favorite photos that I found while browsing through hair sites.

Source: Glamour

Middle parting, but a little bit darker color. An idea?

On the higher row you can see a variety of colors with the middle parting. Should I go even blonder?

 Source: 5 inch and up

With time it would grow even longer, but then I would have to thin out my hair some because it's too thick right now. 

The following are all hairdos I would like to be able to do.

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Where to find feathers for hairdos? Or a golden ring? Ideas?

Source: YST

Of course Gisele Bündchen has for many years already been an idol of mine. Her hair always looks stunning, don't you think? Should I keep a mixed color like she has?

What's your opinion?