Norway’s giants arrive in Helsinki!

Helsinki, 16 degrees

Last Friday a Norwegian clothing chain Cubus opened its first store in Helsinki. The store promised a discount for the first one hundred customers, so of course the lines were long outside the store immediately when it opened. The Norwegian Cubus will open 11 stores in Finland and compete with the Swedish and Danish giants on the clothing market. 

It’s only been a year or so since the Swedish clothing chains Monki and Weekday opened their stores in Helsinki, some years before that Gina Tricot. Besides these giants, Danish Vero Moda, Spanish Mango and Swedish H&M are huge in Finland. 

Interesting enough Cubus has a sister company called Dressman, already well-known in Finland, among men though. Dressman has 70 stores in Finland.

Cubus plans to open 50 stores in Finland during the next five years. Worldwide the clothing chain has over one thousand stores in nine countries.

Looking through Cubus’ website, these are the favorites I found




What do you think of this newcomer?

Another newcomer is the jewelry maker Nora Norway. We’ve had Snö jewelry for as long as I can remember, but I welcome this newcomer with open arms. 

“Imagine the raw natural beauty of a Norwegian fjord – the crisp clean air, the sparkle of ice crystals of the shimmering surface of a glacier, the Lapis blue water and the majesty of the jet black mountains.
Then you can well imagine the simple, natural beauty of jewelries inspired by this unique landscape.  Nora Norway has taken the clean purity of the fjords and mirrored it with a range of spectacular jewelries.”

Doesn’t this sound great?

I love the hearts and keys..

…as well as this necklace, these bracelets and eyerings. 

How about you?

What's your opinion?