A Helsinkiana's dream come true

Helsinki, 9 degrees

For those who love Helsinki as much as me, I come bearing some good piece of news! Recently a new board game called "Nähdään kellon alla-vi ses under klockan" (let's meet under the clock) has been launched. This game focuses on quiz questions concerning beautiful Helsinki! The name of the game refers to the clock underneath Helsinki's leading department store Stockmann which is Helsinki has always been considered as a common place to meet up with friends.


The leading Swedish newspaper  Hufvudstadsbladet had a spread about it today. Apparently the board game is mainly aimed for Helsinkians who feel that they would like to know their home town better. At the same time though it's a good way of getting to know the city if one doesn't come from here. Right now it is being sold at Luckan, Design Forum Finland and the shop of the Helsinki City Museum.

As a Helsinki lover, I have to have this board game! A personal thank you shout out to the creators of this game!

Do you have a common place in your city where people tend to meet up? Would you like to know your city better?

What's your opinion?