Blog Award - "Liebster Blog"

Helsinki, 5 degrees

While the days in Helsinki continously get darker, the feeling in my heart get lighter thanks to the wonderful people around me. Today I received an award called "Liebster Blog" (my favorite blog) from one of my kind followers, beautiful Greek Nandia who writes the interesting blog Bags&Boxes. Thank you so much! This award means the world to me, a real motivation kick!

  How to:

If you get an award...
  • ... make a post in which you post the "Liebster-Blog" photo and the instruction ( the text you're reading now)
  • ... create a link to the person's blog, who gave you the award and inform her/him with a comment on her/his blog that you accepted the award and leave a link to your award-post.
... think of 3-5 bloggers you want to give the award to and tell them in a comment that they're taaged and leave the link with your post where the instruction is showed.          

Dear bloggers: The aim of this award is, to make unknown, but good blogs more famous. So please, don't award people who have already 3 000 followers to make sure that talented beginners and guys who are already blogging for a while, but aren't so famous yet, have a chance!     

Here are my favourites:
1) Ruby Girl,
2) Minna K.,
3) Wild Bird,
4) Lili's,
5) The creation of beauty is art,

What's your opinion?