Makeup party

Helsinki, 0 degrees

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.

Just got back from Stockholm, but thought I would write about that I'll write you some lines about Saturday and the first Christmas season party that I went to then. One of my former work colleagues has now started working at digital business company called Futurice, so the party was held in its premises in Lauttasaari, an island belonging to Helsinki, only 15 minutes away from the city center. The company was elected this year the second best workplace in Finland so I am truly happy for my friend working there now, even though I miss her at our workplace. Fortunately, friendships don't end when work contracts do.

The party was great since my friend has organized it so that we had a professional make-up artist Hanna Puntila at the party, she made us some party makeup before we went out to the newly opened Club Silk. What a great idea!

Here are some pictures from the party, before and after my makeup being done. I asked for a smokey eye look. What do you think?




What's your opinion?

  1. Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you :) xxx

  2. I think that the natural look is actually the most difficult to attain. It takes so much more work!
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  3. Love how this turned out. :) Always have trouble creating this smoky eye for myself. It looks good on you. xx

  4. I love this makeu is soft and sweetie...some natural..very retty...

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  5. Maria, welcome!
    Valerie&Shannon, thank you for your kind words!