A happy memory never wears out

Helsinki, 6 degrees 

Sometimes you need a reminder that you’re living, and this weekend has definitely been just that- a reminder of what great people I have in my life: from my past, in my future and current life. 

On Friday I finally had my long awaited junior high school reunion that I had been planning since June. It was held at Hotel Haven, in the hotel's two conference rooms.  In total we were 29 persons out of about 60 students that studied together during the last year of junior high school, quite a good score if you ask me, as good as half! I think that tells you something about the spirit of my former class!


I participated in a planning group consisting of three persons. We had met three times before the event to plan it, and sent endless emails and Facebook messages to each other. I must say, now looking back at the event, that we really nailed it!

The hotel on the other hand did not really nail it, haha. When we arrived we heard that the preceding event, a meeting, was still going on in the conference rooms where we were supposed to have our class reunion. The guiding board where there was supposed to say "junior high school class reunion" was also wrongly written, when we arrived it merely had my surname on it. Even though I think that all my former classmates know my last name, it wasn't really the idea that it would say only my name. Fortunately enough we in the planning group has arrived so early that we still had time to fix these small miner obstacles.

Since the rooms were occupied, we sat down in the hotel bar, which is stunning by the way, and had ourselves some complementary champagne. 


While waiting in the bar I was a nervous wreck since I felt responsible for the event and our guests. When we finally got in to the conference rooms, I felt I could finally breath normally and it turned out to be such a great reunion with the an incredible sense of togetherness. 

The seating order was organized in the sense that each guest got a playing card, and he/she had to find another card of the same kind on the tables. We sat in three tables with 10 persons. 

We didn't have that much program planned, which turned out to be the right choice since everybody had tons of things to talk about with each other. I was afraid people wouldn't have anything to say to each other, but way was I wrong!

We started the evening with a toast, followed by a buffet dinner. In between the main course and dessert we had some program carried out by us in the planning group. We read out loud some random memories from our junior high school that we had collected before the reunion through an anonymous questionnaire. This turned out to be one of the most entertaining parts of the evening! 

We had also collected some greetings from former classmates that couldn't be with us that evening due to the fact that they nowadays live abroad. These greetings were also highly appreciated by the guests.

In all it was all a huge success! After the dessert the conversation continued and eventually it was difficult to leave the hotel on time to continue somewhere else. About half of us continued to restaurant Teatteri. There the partying continued until early morning, what a night! I think this is the most describing picture of the afterparty!

Concerning my outfit for the evening...I had chosen a yellow dress for the reunion, inspired by the current powerful color trend!


Maybe again in another nine years? As the saying goes: "recall as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out!" In the end we do not remember days: we remember moments!

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  1. Oi Elizabeth!!! Recorda é viver! Adorei seu blog e já estou seguindo!!! Te convido a conhecer o meu. Beijos e bom domingos!!! Márcia http://coisabasicas.blogspot.com/

  2. Thank you Marcia for your comment!


  3. Your dress is beautiful! I'm glad that you had a lovely reunion with your old classmates. It's great that there was lots of chatter and no awkwardness, although I'm sorry that the people before you overran!



  4. Thank you dearest Sarah! It was truly better than I could have imagined!


  5. Grazie per il tuo commento... :-)
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  6. Gorgeous blog!
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  7. Love the colour of that dress! Sounds like it was a really great experience!


  8. I don't like so much yellow dress but this one is so nice!


  9. Oh how fun! Such a great look, glad you had such an amazing time with your old classmates!

    Alexandra xo


  10. It sounds like you had great reunion! You look great in your yellow dress :) -akiko


  11. This sounds like it was an awesome opportunity! I love your outfit.

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  12. Thank you all so much for commenting on my blog! Love your opinions!
    Maria: Of course, let's follow each other!