Remember to breath

Coming back from school on Thursday, I passed by a home for elderly where somebody had made some urban art: somebody had attached a piece of a plastic strap on a fence creating the text in Finnish "muista hengittää"= remember to breath. It touched me in an urban surrounding where hardly anyone has time to stop and actually do just that. I like urban pieces of art like that. They tell about life in this great city. Voices that reach out.

I've recently started to go through my wardrobe and renew it. I never want to look the same for two seasons. I develop and change, so should my style. I have found that the best way to renew personal items is to sell and buy them on Finland's own Ebay called I've already made some incredible findings there like perfumes, jeans and clothing packages. It really is a talent. The more you stay on that site and the more you get addicted to it. It's a nice hobby and source of income, and even space saver.

On Thursday, I also met my teacher that functions as a tutor for my thesis. It seems I now have gathered enough respondents for my research and I can finish it and start to discuss the research method I chose and then start to analyze the data I have. This means I'm back on schedule and might actually graduate next January as planned.

Today I went to fetch the last details of my Halloween outfit that I plan to wear's not a traditional one, so I hope I'll get nice reactions to it. It seems like Halloween is really big in Helsinki this year because the mascarade store was full of people last Saturday as well as today. You could hardly get through the corridors there. I think it's nice to notice that Finns do make an effort for some parties. I can't wait for tomorrow's!

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