A new experience - cinema goes concert hall

While I gazed through my inserts in my blog, I noticed I had forgotten to write about last Tuesday. Last Tuesday I met my friend S and we went to the cinema- to see Robbie Williams' concert live through satellite! That's right. In three great movie hall rooms they were showing Robbie's new concert, after three years of silence. At first, it felt funny. I mean, sitting in a movie theater looking at a screen, following a concert. But once it started and people were applauding in the room and singing with the songs, I started to feel more at ease. Actually it was quite fun. Well, the concert itself was wonderful. Robbie is such an artist! He might be just one person, but he is a true performer and entertainer. But what I mean with fun was that it was like going to a concert without all of the problems of queueing, noise, delays and so on. You actually just went there for listening to the music and then you went home. I couldn't help of thinking if this could be a sign of the future once again..might this be the future concerts? Of course nothing can beat the live feeling of being in a concert hall. The atmosphere is unique. But maybe one day, they can convey that atmosphere even through satellite. Who knows?

What's your opinion?