Pride in the way of more important things

"A book is like a good friend, but nicer to open."

One part of getting older is to get disappointed. One can not always have what one wants. When we are in our teen years, we fantasize about a life where everything goes as we plan and we never get disappointed. Many of us believe that once we move out from living with our parents, we achieve true freedom and it's difficult if not impossible to get disappointment. The unfortunate part being of course that life is full of disappointments. And when we start to feel too safe and secure about ourselves and our lives, something happens to stir it up a bit.

Disappointments are easier to bear concerning some parts of our lives, but when they are caused by people close to yourself, that is when it hurts. Friendships are not something you get for free, and I have always tried to work hard for my oldest friendships. I have always reserved a lot of time for my friends and made myself accessable and available for them.

The honest truth though is that when we get older and start to study and work in different places, we might get too concentrated on what we are personally doing. How can you make a good balance so that everybody feels equally important?

Another problem is pride. Sometimes we get too proud, which is never a good mix with friendship.
"lo sai, con orgoglio non si può amare mai" = you know, with pride you can never love...
So true, so's worth a thought.

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