Painting my windows

It's funny how spontaneous actions surprise you sometimes. Late Tuesday evening I was up writing on msn with one of my friends and he invited me to a musical evening on Wednesday. One of his friends plays acoustic music and sings. With his brother they play and sing cover songs, but this friend of my friend also writes his own songs. The reason why my friend invited me to this event was that I've had the chance to hear some of his own songs thanks to my friend, and I've always liked them. I know a good singer when I hear one. It was even nicer to see him perform live. I have to promote him, at least a little bit :) If you want to hear some nice music, go to

I like the music because the lyrics are really good.

"When I think about the world out there, I can't help about feeling a little scared so I hide from the shadows and colors of grey and I paint my windows again"

It's so true. Sometimes it feels like you just want to see the reality in your own way.

Like I mentioned, they were also singing some cover songs yesterday. My favorite was an oldie from the 90's - Bon Jovi's "Bed of roses". What a beautiful song that is too. Of course hearing my friend's friend perform it, it was even more special. What a talent it is to be able to sing good! I couldn't help but being touched as I was hearing to these songs yesterday. Acoustic music is truly wonderful. It touches you and carries your thoughts away.

What's your opinion?