A green step for Helsinki: Solaris Urbino

Today I got to try a new treat - the hybrid bus called Solaris Urbino. Helsinki has engaged a new try by borrowing hybrid buses from Poland. The reasoning behind this trial is the metropolitan area's need for low-emission alternatives. The hybrid buses use while starting and accelerating, an electric motor which allows them to release less emission. They are also said to give out less sound, so they would even lower the noise level in a busy city like Helsinki.

My first impression was that these buses seem longer than the usual ones we've had in Helsinki. This is good since it means that it fits more people. The lines it has been tried on so far are some of the busiest lines in downtown Helsinki so a need for more seating places is a reality.

The bus itself had a little bit slower speed but nevertheless offered a pleasant traveling alternative. I liked the fact that it offered more possibilities for people with children, prams, and people with handicaps. I hope this trial will make the decision makers understand that the hybrid buses stand for a greener and, therefore, a better public transportation system.

What's your opinion?