A turning point

Yeah! Helsinki has been elected the world's design capital in 2012! Finally our beautiful city will be acknowledged for its sense of design!

The design capitals have been chosen every second year by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) since 2008. That year Italy's Turin won the honor and in 2010 Korea's Soul will carry the title.

According to front page of the web site devoted to this brilliant news, www.wdc2012helsinki.fi, Helsinki makes design part of every day life! Damn right! The site also tells about the city's great expansion and growth and supposes that Helsinki is the most changing city in Europe over the next ten years! What an exciting time to live here! The biggest changes will happen concerning the city structure and population. Especially the areas close by to the harbors and beaches will change thanks to Helsinki's dynamic character. Helsinki's mayor Jussi Pajunen is calling the election of becoming the design capital a turning point in Helsinki's history since it will bring the city so many changes.

I quote the site "Design is a factor deep-rooted in the urban lifestyle of Helsinki. Design is manifest in the everyday lives of Helsinki citizens in many ways, ranging from home furniture and items that represent old Finnish design traditions to modern urban solutions in the city and contemporary interior design."

The fact that we've won this honor means that 2012 will bring lots of design events and projects to our fine city. Can't wait.

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