Slow relationship

In a world of slow movement, slow travel, slow food etc. it's about time somebody combatted against fast relationships as well. I've been going through a very rough period in my life, almost losing my faith in what's worth what in it last week but now I'm back again, filled with hope. I guess Friday the 13th doesn't bring only bad luck to everybody ;)

But seriously, during the last week or weeks actually, I've been discussing my life with a lot of my friends and some even suggested at some point that I would rip my relationship away like a band-aid. She even said that if I only let it be like it is right now, it would start feeling like ripping a band-aid slowly and only prolong the hurting. When she said that, I actually thought she had a point. Maybe it would be easier to just walk away, but would I then be happier? When I've chosen to be without the one person that makes me the happiest?
How messed up is that?

Maybe instead of thinking about a fast fix, we should take it slow. Solutions might not turn up immediately but with time. I know what I feel and I want to continue feeling it. I'm keeping on my band-it.

What's your opinion?