Unpacked issues

There is one easy way to figure out if you liked the place that you visited the last, outside your city I mean. At least when it comes to me. I find myself not wanting to unpack all of my belongings that I took with me on my trip. This is the exact dilemma that has been bothering me ever since I came back from London. I've been looking at my hand luggage bag and I don't want to unpack it. Of course, the things I've needed, I've had to take away, but the others I just left there in a convenient way so that they remind me of the trip every time I see them.

How is it that every time we feel insecure and sad, we return to things we know so well. Things of comfort that makes us feel good. For me, an evening of comfort is a glass of wine with the Sex and the City girls. Imagine, I picked one disc out of my SATC box and the one I grabbed was the one that explained my problems perfectly. That's what you get from a perfect relationship, hihi.

What's your opinion?