The silver lining

I want to use a little bit space from my blog to write about the teacher of our last course at my school. She's been nothing but trouble during our whole course, which also happens to be the last for many of us. It's not the fact that she is incompetent, which she clearly is. It's the fact that she thinks she's good in teaching. I've tried to like her, I really have, but everytime you cut her some slack, she does something stupid again. The biggest problem of course being her lack of knowledge of the English language, in which the course is being held.

Last Thursday we literally spent our lectures writing down all the mistakes she made using English, a language she CLEARLY does not know. Above resembling something like "a bow" and sentences like "there has been some misunderstoods" as well as "mens", "womens", vehicle pronounced as "vessssil". It is actually difficult to follow her.

Not to forget the other things she's done. She is probably what, around 30 years old. And most of my class is 23 or more, some even 25 and there isn't that much of an age difference. Despite this, she continues to call us her children and it drives us crazy.

She also flipped a couple of weeks ago because some of us haven't been attending all of her classes. Like we would have to. Since this is actually our fourth year, I think we are capable to decide for ourselves. She went far enough to show us her daily programme like some of us actually would care about when she takes our her dog. Haha, couldn't care less! The sad part being of course that the course could be interesting and this teacher is ruining everything for us.

The only good thing she's done is organizing a guest speaker from one of the leading event organizing companies in Finland and making it possible for us to plan that company's "little Christmas" party, a kind of pre-Christmas party we have in Finland to celebrate the approach of Christmas. Usually just another reason to party, primarily with your co-workers. It's also the event when most of Finns cheat their spouses. Horrific. But I really look forward to this event and the planning of it. It's going to be a great add to our CVs. I guess it's true what they say; every cloud has a silver lining.

What's your opinion?