Backstreet Boys in Helsinki 10 years after their first concert

How time flies. Last Wednesday, I experienced a ten-year-old deja vu when I went to the Backstreet Boys concert held at Hartwall Areena, here in Helsinki. The first appearance in Helsinki happened in 1999! I was only 13!

This was actually my third BSB concert since I also saw them in Milan in 2007. But I must say that the vibe here in Helsinki was way better because everybody knew their lyrics! I must say that I have honestly never been to a more hysteric concert. The crowd was singing and dancing the whole time and didn't get tired at all during the whole concert. A proud moment for a Finn since we're known for being quiet and serious. There was no one serious in that arena on Wednesday!

A dream come true for the 13-year-old girl living inside me

Of course, the guys have become less since Kevin, the oldest of the boys, has left the band and the tempo of the concerts has become slower, but I still must say that the concert was a wonderful experience. I wouldn't have changed it for anything! I could picture myself there, 13-years-old and it put a smile upon my face. I owe those guys so much. I mean, I grew up with them. Their songs have existed for such a long time and they never lose their glow.

I hope next time the boys come to Helsinki that they make a slower show, maybe even oriented towards their "older" fans, let say 20+, hehe...I mean I would actually appreciate a smaller concert where the guys would just sit down and sing. For me, their voices are the most important parts of the show. They don't have to tire themselves with dancing. They still sing wonderfully, Brian, of course, being my favorite. Well done boys!

The new and fresh thing about this year's concert was, of course, the afterparty held at the nightclub called "the Tiger", in downtown Helsinki. The reason for the choice of club was obvious, the Tiger is the only one with a view over the whole city. Rumors about the actual boys attending had been circulating so the club was packed to the fullest- honestly I've never seen a Finnish nightclub that full. Guys even started to climb on tables and poles etc. I wanted to believe that the boys would show up, and as it happened two of them did. Unfortunately for my sake, Brian wasn't one of them. I was equally happy when I saw Nick and Howie though. It would just have made the 13-year-old girl living in me happy to see her big time teen idol live close by. It was actually funny, the club was so crowded that one had the squeeze oneself through to pass the corridors. I was standing in the corridor with my sis and classmate when somebody pushed me. I was instantly ready to defend myself when I noticed that the "pusher" was a guard and after he followed Howie and Nick!!!! So I really was about 50 cm from them!

The boys had also brought their own deejay to the club which was a nice touch and Nick commented on the music every now and again. I liked that. Now my teen heart can be at ease until the Backstreet boys return to make the streets of Helsinki unsecure again.

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