Shake it - Pre-Christmas party

Yesterday, I celebrated the ending of the year, a kind of "small Christmas" with my dearest six class mates. Over the three and half years of studies, we have become a tight group sharing not only school stuff but continuously more personal issues. We're all different but we complete each other and enjoy each others company to the fullest.

We decided to have our traditional dinner at Huviretki, a restaurant situated in Kaisaniemi, an area close to the center of Helsinki. It's actually a part of a Cumulus hotel located next to the restaurant. I had read about it on the Finnish website where people can comment and rate restaurants and cafeterias. On the site, it had got great ratings so that made me curious. The restaurant was quite quiet but the food was excellent. All of us seven girls ate different dishes but still, all were satisfied. We had pizza with meat and blue cheese, pasta with mushrooms and reindeer, salmon and potatoes, chicken with fries, and even beefsteak. The menu was very wide, a big plus!

Afterward, we headed for Shaker, one of my favorite cocktails bars in Helsinki! They have such amazing drinks with funny names like Paris Hilton, Daim-Anne, Death of a Pornstar and so on. The names, of course, indicates that all of their cocktails are made in shakers and have unusual ingredients like candy or ice cream. Delicious! After two cocktails and only six hours sleep thanks to the BSB boys, this girl shook her ass home at around tenish.

What's your opinion?