Christmas list

This year my wish list for Christmas was quite modest. I don't feel I really need anything. And besides that, I'm really critical to all presents I receive. Not that I wouldn't be thankful but the more the giver is important to me, the more I ask and demand from the gift. Silly, right? Therefore I actually hate opening presents. I prefer giving them.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to give my mother a house cleaning for Christmas. Besides that I gave her only small items like a book, a cd and a combined present with her fiancé that included pampering products from going to the sauna. I also gave her some fabric place mats that she liked.

For my mother's fiancé I made a t-shirt with printed photos of the family, Molly (my mother's and her fiancé's dog), my mom and them together. He really liked that and actually got touched when opening the present. I also found a great (?) dvd telling about how to handle fish that I gave him. His passion is fishing so I found it quite suitable. I also gave him a calender to put on the wall with pictures of the Finnish nature since he loves travelling with the boarders of Finland.

For my grandmother I had bought together with my mom a kind of basket for her dog to lay in. She was thrilled about that because her dog means everything to her. I also gave her a poncho and some gloves.

My sister received a jewelley box with a photo of me, her and our dad on top. I had specially made it for her. Everybody that know my sister, know how crazy she is about jewellery so I thought the present was just right for her. I also gave her a jewellery set with a necklace and earrings, a book, a ring, a turquoise fan with feathers and and a make up kit. She's crazy about fans as well.

To my beloved boyfriend I had bought some silver jewellery even though he's worth gold, as dear as he is to me <3 He had been wanting a thicker silver chain, so I gave him that. Seeing as he loves motorcycles, I also gave him a necklace with a little motorcycle, as well a subscription of a motorcycle magazine for a year. He also received a t-shirt.

Just to mention a few presents that I received..I got Inglorious bastards (movie with my idol Brad Pitt) and an organic package including an oven mitt with a dragonfly, coffee, some black tea and a scarf and two pairs of socks. I also got a pair of boots and an outfit for being outdoors (water- and windresistant). Then I got a hair curler, a better one than I had. I also got a set of glasses for mulled wine (glögi). One of my favorite items was the green Mariskooli I received.

Beautiful and so elegant. Somebody had understood that the color of our kitchen is green, yey! All my hard work hasn't gone to waste! Heheh. I also got a beautiful dragonfly necklace.

Me and V got a combined present as well from his parents. It was great, filled with a lot of practical stuff like wine, a tea cup for lose tealeaves, a silicon piece that keeps the content of a tea mug warm, chocolate, teflon oven paper that is reusable and candles. What a wonderful Christmas!

What's your opinion?