The Ofelia market's treats

The evenings might have become darker, and the summer colors turned into shades of grey but fortunately the darkening hours bring interesting events to Helsinki! Last weekend I went to the Ofelia market, a market put together in honor of alternative clothing. Last weekend it was organized for the third time in the culture arena Gloria in Helsinki and it was at the same time celebrating its first anniversary.

The themes for the clothes on sale were Burlesque, Gothic, Lolita, Retro, Rock n' Roll and Vintage. I thought these themes were very well chosen as they really show the new or already existing alternative clothing trends we have here in Helsinki.

The whole event was organized in a funny way. The designers themselves were there, telling about their unique clothing items on sale. Some new trends were also possible to see. I'll fill you in one some of my favorites.

Silly Idol ( was one of my favorites designers represented in the market. I especially liked the designers leather ribbon necklaces.

Humbugi Asuste ( also offered something new, something they call leggings (damaskit in Finnish) but in reality is something completely different. They sell used pieces of leather sofas as warmers/heaters for your feet. Look at these beauties! They suit best shoes with some heals in order to look their best. They combine two things: a good look and recycling, yey!

What's your opinion?