New tourism related TV show on Finnish TV, finally!

Lately Finland has been crazed about reality TV shows about real people at their work place. We have TV shows about police men, nurses, doctors and so on. Today I heard about something refreshing and of course interesting for me since it's related to my field of study.

In spring 2010 we're getting a new TV show "Matkaoppaat", telling about Finnish travel/tour guides abroad. The show is going to be showed by our TV channel Nelonen. As far as I know the show is going to have 40 episodes, starting with one filmed in Alanya, Turkey.

The leading stars in this show is going to be the actual guides, whose job is something completely different from just holidaying. The guides days are filled with work tasks like solving tourists' problems, hosting trips, taking care of tourists' needs and rearranging their own life in a foreign country.

I can't wait to see this show! Already on the web site of Nelonen it's possible to see sneekpeaks of the shows and the tourists seem just as adorable as I would immagine. Something completely new and tourism related, yey!

What's your opinion?