Early winter

Helsinki, 1 degree

Oh I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. With every Christmas card I write.

Today as I walked home after a piano concert (the diploma concert of one of my friends), I could feel some frost in the air for the first time this winter. Yikes, I dared to use the word winter! I guess once one has said it out loud, it becomes true? Isn't that what they say? Actually the meteorologists have predicted snowfall in Helsinki tomorrow, let's see if they're right. I must say that I look forward to having some snow on the ground. As you readers know, we've had two snowy days so far, but the snow has always been wet and has melted away as quickly as it has hit the ground. Now, less than a month from Christmas, I long for snow, as the November evenings are so dark without it. Snow also brightens up Christmas shopping, don't you think?

I stumbled upon this amazing editorial on Trendland through the blog Little Helsinki and I thought I would share this as inspiration since it goes well with the theme of this blog post. The editorial can also be seen in the December issue of German Vogue.

I love both of the models, they are just breathtaking! I'm especially crazy about the multiple braids on top of the female model's head. She almost looks angelic and she's a true natural beauty! In the photos she almost seems to lack makeup, now that's incredible makeup! The male model has such an expressful face, don't you think? The costumes have such beautiful details, I love the prints and patterns!

Here's today's story about Finnish Christmas:

Christmas cards
Christmas cards are initially from England, where the first Christmas card reported was printed back in 1843. The first Christmas cards that reached Finland came from Germany and Sweden. The oldest Christmas card ever sent from Finland was mailed in 1871. Nowadays Finns send annually about 50 million Christmas cards. Before Christmas cards, people used to send business cards to each other with Christmas greetings and poems written on them.
The National Museum of Finland, naturally set in Helsinki, has Christmas cards dating back to the 1880's in its collections.


Will you send any Christmas cards this year? What kind of Christmas cards do you like?

What's your opinion?

  1. oh, I remember making cards was essential when I was a lot younger but these days I don't have the time and I rather think about presents. gosh, even now I'm thinking about it!
    anyway, that editorial is beautiful and I like it when models wear rather neutral/natural make-up for a change.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

    1. I still try to send at least 10 Christmas cards, there is just nothing like it! I know how much I myself enjoy getting them so that is why I continue to send them!


  2. Beautiful post, I love Christmas cards! Some are so clever :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, I must admit that I love the snow!


  4. wow! this editorial is amazing, love the setting the style. Great!
    Would you like to follow each other?


  5. wow what a awesome photoshoot! I've been feeling the winter as well! my cheeckbones know it really well! haha