Writing is thinking on paper

Helsinki, 4 degrees

This month my montly traversal of Finnish fashion magazines has been badly delayed due to Christmas. Now, even though we're already on a new year's side, I finally have found the time to look through the magazines. Fortunately all the issues are for January, so in that sense I'm not too late, hehe.

Let's start with Trendi who introduces the man of the month: 31-year-old Canadian Ryan Gosling. According to the magazine there are five reasons to love him: his visuality, credibility, talent, goodness and the funny phenomenon he has created. The phenomenon being e.g. websites where puppies are compared to the actor due to his cuteness. I think it comes are no secret to all of you that I noticed Ryan Gosling for the first time in the Notebook, every girl's favorite movie. Lately me and my boyfriend have watched Crazy Stupid Love, The Ides of March and Drive, and after that Gosling's talent is undisputed. More of this!

Around Christmas I heard that since I've gone blonder from my dark, almost black hair color, I have become more lady like, almost the housewify type, haha. I think it's only suitable then that I endulge this and like Trendi's page about the favorite clothing items of the month: the lady of the manor! I especially like the orange clutch of MiuMiu, but to be honest, I like everything on this page. I only fear that if I would dress myself in the orange sweater in the up right corner that I would disappear since I'm so tiny.

Similarly in Olivia magazine orange is the newest fashion color introduced, here called a vitamine injection. I guess it all started in Finland around our Presidential ball, read my blog post about it here, when a special somebody dared to wear orange. For a long time, I think orange has been a no no color that nobody has had the courage to wear. I think this month I just might have to dare myself into getting an orange color piece of clothing, just to show myself that I can.

The best article this month is by far Olivia's spread on style concerning Swedish speaking Finns. I think this is a brave article about a topic that nowadays rarely gets any media space. One of Finland's most famous Swedish speaking fashion bloggers is the girl you see on the top of the spread, the author of blog Char & the city. If you don't know it yet, have a look! It's a great blog!

Even though this article, as most of the ones discussing this topic, is esaggerated and relies on stereotypes, I found it amusing and interesting.

Finally, I liked some of the articles in Divaani magazine. It's a magazine more into interior design than fashion, but I thought I could introduce it as well in this post. This month the magazine had an article about 28 ideas for the bedroom. I especially liked the idea of having a notebook next to my bed where I could write down my thoughts just before going to sleep. Sometimes it feels like I get the best of ideas when I'm almost falling asleep, maybe because I'm up and going all day, and when I finally get to bed, that's the only time I have to reflect on my thoughts. After all, the name of one of those notebooks is so true: writing truly is like thinking on paper.

I also liked the spreads about interior trends in 2012: greenness, simplicity and cleanness, the return to grandmother's place and a rusty feel. I guess I truly am old before my time, because I prefer the page on back to grandmother's place. I'm crazy for lace items!

Today I'm going to host two Chinese bloggers in Helsinki, let's see how it goes! Wish me luck!

What's your opinion?

  1. These all look great! I love the title of this post...it is so true!

  2. Oi, tuo sennerholtin muistikirja on täällä ostoslistalla, toisaalta pärjää sitä jollain muullakin :D

    Kiva postaus!

  3. Thank you all for your lovely comments!


  4. Ryan Gosling is absolutely gorgeous,I love him so so much,he's a wonderful actor and has good looks!