Orange obsession

Helsinki, -7 degrees

Yesterday I decided to challenge the wintry weather here in Helsinki and put on an orange dress to one of my friends' birthday party! I've had this orange obsession ever since December and finally when I found an orange dress that I liked at Nelly's sales, I took the bait!

As you can see in the pictures, a bright color like this in the middle of January really stood out in the Helsinkian night. But once we moved to the nightclub Apollo, I actually saw one other girl with some bright pink so the bright colors are arriving! A lot of people reacted to my dress though and I got nice compliments from random people, I guess it's good to be daring sometimes! What a night!

Fashion blog The chic attitude has shown similar colors among its wall photos on Facebook while introducing spring colors. Have these bright colors already arrived in your country?

What's your opinion?

  1. questo vestito ti sta divinamente... quando ho letto che sei in finlandia non potevo crederci! io adoro la musicalità della loro lingua, mi piacerebbe tanto impararla... ma so che è molto difficile! :)

    ti va di seguirci a vicenda? baci

  2. Mahtava look, toi oranssi mekko sopii sulle hirmu hyvin :) Ja noi meikit! ♥ Voi että... niin nätit. :) Mukavaa viikon alkua! xoxo

  3. oh your dress looks so lovely on you, at first sight i didn't like it while hunging on your closet but then when i saw it on your its completely different, it looks stunning with your blonde hair.
    although i like mandarin, orange and similar shades they don't flatter my too pale skin ( i have pale skin but dark hair and eyes) , the contrast between skin and bright orange is not nice.
    i prefer wearing bright colors as purple, fuchsia, magenta, royal blue, emerald green.
    what are your fave colors?
    keep in touch!

  4. I can't believe it's -7 degrees where you're at. Must be terribly freezing. This vibrant orange colour looks great on, really suits you! Fun photos!

  5. wow what a gorgeous dress!!!! :D you look so beautiful!

  6. I'm absolutely loving that dress on you, these pictures are stunning! Love the colour, such a great tropical punch feel to it.

    Alexandra xo

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I appreciate them!


  8. Meidän lamppu maksoi 69 euroa, ihan kohtalainen hinta (ottaen huomioon että ens kuussa haen satasen peilin samasta liikkeestä :D). Suosittelen tuota lamppua kyllä, valaisee hyvin, on tyylikäs JA siinä on portaaton säätö valon määrän suhteen :) (pientä mainostako? Ei tietenkään :D)

  9. oh that orange is amazing! and it suits you so much... not everyone can pull that colour of with such style! you look beautiful!

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    Aarti xxx