Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tag - The Versatile Blog Awards

Helsinki, -1 degree

This post is a response to the tag that was sent to me by Lady Writer: I was named one of the 15 current blogs that she considers most interesting. First Lady Writer- thank you so much for the tag, I appreciate it!

About the tag:
It serves, first of all, to know bloggers better, through a small interview with seven points, and to get to know other bloggers.

There are also other small rules to follow, which are:
1) Thank the person who appointed you and add the link of his/her blog when you write about the nomination.
2) Share seven facts about your life with your readers.
3) Send the award to 15 other bloggers who you feel that have an interesting blog that you appreciate and let them know that they have received the nomination.

Here are the seven facts about me:
1) I have three first names, they are Elisabeth Yrsa Camilla
2) I come from Munkkiniemi, the Western part of Helsinki, but now I live in Töölö, 10 minutes from the city center of Helsinki
3) I'm passionate about people, culture, tourism, cooking, beauty and interior design
4) I love my work because I get to talk and get to know different types of people on a daily basis
5) Last year I decided not to buy any new clothes without first selling some old ones
6) I hate gossip and gelosy
7) I would like to improve my Russian and start to study Spanish or Arabic

and these are the blogs that I have decided to nominate:


  1. Wow, you must be very good with languages! I always wished I was! Congrats on the award!

    1. Thank you!
      I try to be good in languages, it's important considering my field of work!


  2. Congratulations hun! Well done on the award. These facts you've shared are really interesting, especially about learning new languages. Thats something I'd also like to do.
    Thanks for the comment. You can actually buy Kirsten's jacket on Net-a-Porter, its by Stella McCartney

    1. Thank you dear! If you liked the question-answer part, you can always ask me things that you are wondering about! I would gladly answer any kind of questions!
      I'm sure it's possible to buy the jacket, but can I afford it, that's a completely different question, haha. 965€, yeah, maybe in my next life!