Stained glassed dreams

Helsinki, -3 degrees

Watching the snowflakes tumbling down outside my kitchen window makes me well as listening to Sia's music. One of my absolute favorite songs is Sia's "My Love". A quite sad song, but somehow in its melancholy it makes me dream away. Perfect for snowflake watching, if you ask me, haha.

A holiday is a perfect time to dream and take some time to think about things, don't you think?

I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you about my last Thursday, a little bit overdue but nevertheless. Like I mentioned on my blog, I had the chance thanks to my work, to meet two Chinese bloggers that were in town. Together we explored the Sokos Hotel Torni, and its restaurants and cafés.

Funnily enough it turned out that I had actually worked in my past for the current hotel manager. We worked together at another amazing hotel in Helsinki called Palace Group's Hotel Linna, back in 2007. That chateau like hotel is unique in Helsinki, dating back some 100 years!

I especially liked the note hanger the hotel had in the lobby where hotel guests could leave notes in their own language.

Sokos Hotel Torni is most known for the fact that it has a bar/café on the 14th floor of the hotel called Ateljee Bar. When it was built, it was the highest building in Helsinki. We heard the bar actually used to be an atelier, hence the name.

The view from this particular bar is stunning! This is by far one of the most romantic places in Helsinki I think!

Even Sokos Hotel Torni has some historical rooms. We had the chance to visit one of the suits where there was some Jugend styled, most popular during 1890–1910, wallpaper. I didn't know if you could distinguish the cute frogs, typical of the Jugend style, so I made an enlargement for you.

Even the bathtub had a sense of history to it!

The staircase in between the rooms was amazing, continuing with the same Jugend style where flora and fauna are central in the decoration. The stained glass windows were astonishing, you can even find Helsinki's symbol in one of them!

The tour ended with going out on the hotel's winter terrace, this being back on ground level though. Since we only had snow this weekend, in these pictures the ground is still bare. I liked the wintry decoration on the terrace though!

You should definately explore this hotel if you're in town!

What's your opinion?

  1. What a beautiful hotel!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments!


  3. The view from this hotel is absolutely stunning! I'm definitely putting in on my list of places to visit if I'm ever in Helsinki :)