There is no place like it

Helsinnki, 9 degrees

I thought it would be a nice idea to add some photos from our apartment, since I have never actually before published any picture from my home on my blog. Hope you like what you see! Please comment!

                                                                       The living room

Drawer in the living room with my jewellery, head bands and perfumes

A beautiful Italian mask hanging over our bed, a present from A

A table in the living room, next to the entrance with my necklaces, a lamp and some candles

The boudoir where all the magic happens, hehe
The entrance hallway - the red boxes are filled with shoes <3

The dining room

The dining room's wall - Italy in my heart <3

The very small kitchen - the heart of every home

One part of the kitchen - magnets from places I've been to on the fridge door

One part of the dining room - Italy again evident

Shelves above the bed in the boudoir, fans brought from China
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