Helsinki, 10 degrees

First I must apologize for the fact that it has been so long since I’ve written. The only thing I can say in my excuse is that I have been too busy. But sometimes a month of silence can be healthy to clear one’s mind as well. But here follows a fast update of my life and what I have been up to for the last month.

Spring parties

One of my dearest friends had her graduation party some three weeks ago so I got my dress and high heels on and headed for the club Jenny Woo. I must say that I haven’t been there in ages since the place keeps on changing all the time, and used to be popular when I was around 19, hehe.

The party nevertheless was a success. I was nice to meet up with former colleagues. The same weekend there had been also another party at another former colleague’s place many dresses were needed. Parties show that the spring season has seriously started. I love having new dresses all the time, so I buy them and then sell them almost immediately. That way, I won’t have the same dress ever again. I think later on it’s nice since I can remember the evening also thanks to the dress. The best dresses deserve many parties though.

My second tattoo

On the 26th of April, I had my second tattoo. I had been planning it ever since I took my first one years ago. The dilemma I had with the second one was that I didn’t know what to take. The first one, the dragonfly, felt so natural. Hence, the name of this blog! But I must say that I still am in love with my new tattoo. It reminds me of the treasure I have in my life-my dearest boyfriend. The second tattoo I took, also taken in Duck’s Tattoo in Itäkeskus, East Helsinki, is a sun. I had the pleasure of having a guest tattoo artist from Russia making my tattoo. How cool is that? I was even able to thank him later on in Russian, even though his English was perfect. What do you think?

The result

Journalist visit

Immediately, the next day, with a fresh tattoo on my hip, I had the honor of meeting two Swedish journalists and taking them out to the Helsinkian nightlife. My office makes so called “fam visits”, which means that journalists coming from all over the world get acquainted with our city for stories and articles that they are making about Helsinki. I got the chance to host them, something I had never done before, since they came from a magazine called Studentmagasinet, a paper for Swedish students. I had planned the program with our pr coordinator. The idea was to take on a tram ride but also to three different bars. And even better than that- get paid for it! We had chosen as bars Café Talo in Hakaniemi, A21 in Punavuori and Kokomo Tikibar&Room in Punavuori. The idea was to show them some variety concerning bars in Helsinki.

Café Talo is a nice bar/café, kind of like a second living room, with sofas and games that the visitors can use. In a nutshell, one can say that is a very relaxed atmosphere. The journalists even had something to eat there, which I thought was a nice touch. I introduced the legendary long drink with cranberry taste to the journalists and they seemed to like it.


A21on the other hand, is a very fancy bar where one has to ring the doorbell to get in. The cocktail lounge, as it’s called, is very sophisticated, with the owners making incredible cocktails. We had the pleasure of enjoying a cocktail menu called Suomi menu, the Finnish menu that is. The menu consisted of three cocktails. It was interesting having it as a Finn and seeing what kind of flavors the bar considered Finnish. The first drink had cloudberry and pepper, such a nice mix. The second one was called Suomen neito, the Finnish lady, and was sweet, maybe too sweet for my taste. There was a lot of raspberry in it. The last one was the most interesting, somewhat like a mojito but made out of rhubarb. I must say that the drinks were impressing! If one likes fancy cocktail lounges, this bar is a must! And yes, it had been elected the best bar in the world on Worlds Best Bars.


I saved the best for the last because I knew the restaurant manager of Kokomo Tikibar & Room. The bar has a Polynesian interior, tiki mythological style! We were welcomed in a wonderful and my former class mate, now being the restaurant manager, made us drinks after hints we gave about our liking. I give him and the bar 10 complete points! A personal touch to service always makes it better!


To rap the evening up, I can say I enjoyed myself very much. The journalists were so nice, and I always love getting to know new people and showing off my wonderful city!

The first of May

Later that same week there was the huge first of May celebrations. We started celebrating actually at work where we watched the Royal Brittish wedding while having carnival afternoon snacks, everybody dressed in silly hats. I must say that my workplace really made a great effort for the first of May.

After working hours, I changed my funny headpiece to the traditional May Day sailor hat.


I also had a traditional May Day lunch with my special someone on the beach close to our home the following day. It felt like a royal picnic since we were the only ones there so we had the whole beach for ourselves.

to be continued...

What's your opinion?

  1. hey,

    i got interested by the fact that you sell your new dresses once you wore them. as i love dresses the same way you do i am wondering where you sell them? my closet is loaded with dresses, but i can't give them away... :)


  2. Well we have something like a Finnish version of Ebay..I sell them there..is Ebay popular in Austria?

  3. Yes, Ebay is very popular in Austria. It's a great invention as you can find everything there - or sell everything! :)